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What is Every-Soft

Every-Soft is a service that creates and hosts web applications.

It allows to create professionnal applications for a fraction of the time and cost of a traditionnal developpement.

The concept

An application build with Every-Soft is not coded, it is assembled. It uses a series of « bloc » put together to define the functionalities. All the applications use the same « blocs » assembled in a different ways.

With this approach, building an application is a lot faster.

The goal is not only to accelerate the development, but also the time required to deploy and train the users.

Since all the applications use the same « blocs », they share the same functionalities and interfaces. This allow the users to quickly go from one application to another, requiring only a minimum of training.

The motivation

Revolutionize the development of applications.
Every application use the same mechanics, reproduced in every project:
1 : Analyzing the needs.
2 : Building the database.
3 : Building the user interface.
4 : Creating the logic to interpret the information.
5 : Creating the request to read and write the information into the database.

Those steps must be done in every projects. Some tools exists to make this process faster, but a lot of time is still lost.

The goal of Every-Soft is to create a generic software (abstract) able to automatically handle the steps 2 to 5. The only thing left to do is to configure the software to fulfill the needs of the customer.

The functionalities

This is an overview of the functionalities of an Every-Soft application:
• A portfolio of applications available anywhere. The only requirement is an internet connection and an email address.
• Visualise and input information.
• Link and structure the information in a logical manner.
• Run complex validations on the user input.
• Run complex calculations with the user input.
• Add new users to the application or remove existing ones.
• Manage the users right (on the content and the functionalities).
• View the history of the modifications.

Who is it for

With Every-Soft it is possible to quickly create and deploy web applications to manage data. It targets project where efficiency is required and the ratio costs/benefits is important. The model is really good for internal applications.

The limitations

Every-Soft is based on standardization and reusing the same functionalities. There is a limit to the level of customization possible, especially for the user interface. If you require a unique user experience (for example, application designed for your customers), Every-Soft is not the tool you need.

If you want a really specific application, it is possible that Every-Soft will not be able to fulfill your needs.

The philosophy

• To increase the efficiency of web applications development. Today, creating a new application require too much time.
• To focus on the essential, on the source of value.
• To do only what is worth doing.
• To break the 80/20 rule: A rule of thumbs that says that 80% of the value comes from 20% of the effort. This is a sad rule, but true for many development projects. The goal is to focus on the 20% that generate 80% of the value and to discard the rest.