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What is Every-Soft

Every-Soft is a service that handles the creation and hosting of web applications.
Our goal is to revolutionize the development of web applications.
How? By making the creation of applications much more efficient.

The problem that Every-Soft want to solve

Developing a custom-made, professional-grade application is too expensive and takes too much time.
You need an application to fill one of your needs. The ideal solution would be to develop a custom application, it would contain only the required features and fulfill all your requirements. Unfortunately, developing a custom-made, professional-grade application is too expensive and takes too much time.

The current solutions
To solve this problem (cost and time of development too high), one of the following solutions is usually used:

Choose an existing application on the market

Decide to use an application already developed to meet your need. The cost is lower and the implementation time is short. On the other hand, there is usually a big delta between the features of the application and your requirements.


• Finding the best application among all the existing ones requires a considerable effort (comparative study).
• Some of your requirements will not be met by the application.
• Unnecessary features lead to unnecessary complexity (management, training, etc.).
• Little control over the evolution of the application (adapt to your changing requirements).

Fulfill the requirements without using a new application

Decide to fulfill the requirements with the available tools (use excel files with macros, use an application already in place creatively, etc.). There is no acquisition cost and little time required for the implementation. On the other hand, the long-term cost of this solution is high because the time required to manage the tool, train the users and define the processes is great.


• Weakness in validations and control of the data.
• Weakness in data security.
• Requires a lot of training and care from the users.
• Demand a lot of effort to support, maintain and improve.

The Every-Soft solution

Enable the creation of customized, professional-grade applications quickly and at low cost.

How does Every-Soft achieve that:

An application made with Every-Soft is not programmed, it is assembled.
A series of pieces are available and can integrate to create the application, a bit like a “Lego blocks” construction.
With a few types of pieces, it is possible to assemble a multitude of constructions.
The goal is to focus on what generates value in an application: Data, rules and calculations.
The motivation behind Every-Soft

Currently, creating an application takes far too much work. It's as if computer science was still at the manual stage and had not discovered the benefits of an assembly line.
Because of the high cost, many people deprive themselves of using applications and work with suboptimal methods. The use of personalized applications should not be reserved for large companies but should be accessible to everyone.

The functionalities

Here is an overview of the features available with an Every-Soft application:
• An application portfolio available everywhere, the only requirement is an internet connection and an email address.
• View and enter data.
• Link the data and sructure it logically.
• Perform validations on the data entered.
• Perform calculations on the data entered.
• Add or remove users to the application.
• Manage user rights (on the data and on the features)
• View the history of the changes that have occurred.

The limitations

Every-Soft relies on reusing the same pieces. There is therefore a limit to the customization possible, especially at the interface level.
If you want to create a unique user experience (for example, an application to sell your products), Every-Soft is not what you need.
If you want to have an application for a very specialized use, it is possible that Every-Soft will not able to meet your needs.

Where is my data

Your data is important and you need to know that they are in good hands. The data in your applications is hosted on A2Hosting servers in Michigan. The servers are secure, both virtually and physically (SSAE 16 certified center).
Link to the characteristics of A2Hosting:
Every application uses an SSL link to protect your data between your devise and the server (https).

You have questions?

If you have any other questions, send them at, we will be happy to answer them.